Spanish chicken



  • 1.8kg whole chicken
  • 125g chorizo, coarsely chopped
  • 125ml (1/2 cup) dry sherry
  • 2 x 400g cans cannellini beans, rinsed, drained
  • 500ml (2 cups) Massel salt reduced chicken style liquid stock
  • Wilted English spinach, to serve (optional)


Step 1


Preheat the oven to 220C/200C fan forced. Place a roasting pan in the oven for 5 minutes to preheat.

Step 2

Meanwhile, use a sharp knife or kitchen scissors to remove the backbone from chicken and discard. Turn over chicken and use the heel of your hand to flatten.

Step 3

Place the chicken in the roasting pan. Scatter around the chorizo. Roast for 20 minutes or until the chicken starts to brown. Add the sherry and roast for 5 minutes or until the liquid is reduced. Add the beans and stock and roast for 35 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and the liquid is nearly absorbed.

Step 4

Cut the chicken into pieces. Use a potato masher to slightly mash the beans. Season. Divide the chicken, chorizo and beans among serving plates. Serve with wilted spinach, if using.

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